The Program for Quality Problem Solving 2016

(PQPS 2016) El Programa de Resolución de Problemas de Calidad 2016

Fechas Importantes

  • Estatus: Abierto
  • Duración: 20 de febrero- 3 de marzo 2017, Tokyo Kenshu Center
  • Cierre de convocatoria en Monterrey: 28 de noviembre
  • Cierre de convocatoria en Japón: 5 de diciembre


Dirgido a:

Administradores o supervisores en la industria de la manufactura, que desean adquirir conocimiento práctico de técnicas para mejora de calidad y resolución de problemas importantes.


Este programa busca el aprendizaje intensivo de métodos de soluciones de QC, considerados como un factor clave en el TQM japonés. Considerando que es difícil usar métodos de QC de manera práctica si solo se tiene un panorama de los métodos, este programa provee entrenamiento práctico; de esta manera se conseguirá el desarrollo de personal clave que promueva la solución de problemas de forma práctica.

Dr. Noriaki Kano
Professor Emeritus, Tokyo University of Science
Honorary Chairperson, Asian Network for Quality (ANQ)
Chairperson, Selection Committee for Deming Prize for Individuals
Board Member, Union of Japanese Scientists and Engineers (JUSE)
Honorary member, Japanese Society for Quality Control (JSQC)
Honorary Member, International Academy for Quality (IAQ)
Honorary Member, the American Society for Quality (ASQ)
Foreign Honorary Adviser, China Association for Quality (CAQ)
Committee Member, Deming Application Prize (1978 -2010), Chairperson (2004-2007)
President (2000-2002), Japanese Society for Quality Control (JSQC)
Auditor, Sekisui Chemical Co., Ltd. (2003-2009)
Board Director, Komatsu Co., Ltd. (2008-2014)
Chair Professor, Chung Yuan Christian University (Taiwan) (2006 -2012)
Board Member, Overseas Human Resources and Industry Development Association (HIDA) (2007-2012)

Dr. Kano is one of the most prominent figures in the TQM field in Japan. His numerous research results, such
as “The House of TQM” and “Attractive Quality and Must-Be Quality (Kano Model)”, and “The Task
Achieving QC Story” have brought him an international reputation. He has published more than 300 research
papers and books. He is renowned throughout the world as the founder of the “Kano Model.” He was awarded
the 1997 Deming Prize for Individuals by the Deming Prize Committee (JUSE), the 1997 Deming Lecturer by
the American Statistical Association (ASA), the 2002 E. Jack Lancaster Medal and the 2006 E. L. Grant Medal
by the American Society for Quality (ASQ), the 2009 Distinguished Service Medal, and the 2014 A. V.
Feigenbaum Lifetime Achievement Medal, the highest distinction for service from ASQ for the lifetime
contribution to the quality movement. In 2009, the Kano Quality Award was established by the Technology
Promotion Association in Thailand for excellent and successful companies in management based on TQM. In
2010, Ishikawa-Kano Award named after Dr. Kano has been established by the Asian Network for Quality
(ANQ) for individuals who have made great contribution to the development of quality in Asia.

Mr. Yukihiro Ando
TQM Consultant
Lead Examiner, the Deming Prize Committee
Academician, International Academy for Quality (IAQ)
Board Member, the Japanese Society for Quality Control (JSQC)
Honorary Advisor, Saitama Region QC Circle
Member of the Committee on the Domestic Response to ISO/TC176

Mr. Yukihiro Ando has been offering his expertise as a TQM consultant for many years to a large number of
companies in both manufacturing and service sectors both at home and abroad, of which 25 companies have
been awarded the Deming Application Prizes. He is a lecturer for quality management seminars held by
organizations such as the Union of Japanese Scientists and Engineers, and has established a reputation as a
lecturer who gives practical, enjoyable lectures. He has published many books on TQM. He was awarded the
1987 and 1997 Nikkei QC Literature Prizes, and the 2010 Distinguished Service Award for Promoting Quality
Control from the Japan Society for Quality Control. His book published in 2010 “Daily Management – The
TQM way” was awarded 2011 Masing Medal from International Academy for Quality.

Dr. Masaaki Kaneko
Junior Associate Professor, Department of Management Systems, Engineering, School of Information and Telecommunication Engineering, Tokai University

Dr. Masaaki Kaneko has been enganged in his research at universities, specialized in Quality Control and TQM, after completing his doctorate degree at the Graduate School of Science and Engineering at Waseda University.

He has won the Research Recognition Award by the the Japanese Society for Quality Control (JSQC) four times, and the Best PAper Award by the Asian Network for Quality (ANQ) three times. He is also a representative of KSQC and a member of its international commitee. In addition, he acts as a lecturer at seminars held by the Union of Japanese Scientists and Engineers (JUSE), and he was given an award for especially skillful lecturers at the 2005 and 2015 BC annual campaigns. He was also awarded the 2015 Nikkei QC Literature Prize for a collective-writing book, “QMS Approaches for Medical Care Quality to be Assured by Organizations.”


Director del Programa

¿Deseas aplicar a este programa?

Como aplicar:

  1. Revisa el programa que te interesa y revisa el Program Outline.
  2. Escribir a info@aotsmonterrey.com y solicita aplicar al programa.
  3. Llena el pre-registro
  4. Descarga los documentos de aplicación y llenarlos.
  5. Envia los documentos de aplicación en formato electrónico a info@aotsmonterrey.com para una primera revisión (Dos semanas antes de la fecha de cierre en Monterrey). Se hará una retroalimentación de la aplicación.
  6. Una vez revisados, se deben imprimir y firmar los documentos y entregar fisicamente para su envio a Japón (10 días antes de cierre en Japón)
  7. Hacer el pago de envio de la mensajería Monterrey-Japón.


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