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This is a Program designed by well experienced faculty who spent several years in the execution of Electrical projects in India and abroad. They have structured the entire program to provide specific information on all Electrical Systems, Equipments and Installations.

The Program mainly deals with High Voltage Substations. The participants shall learn:

  1. Design Procedures, Selection of proper Electrical Equipments and its procurement
  2. How to read Electrical drawings and Schematics
  3. How to carry out Installations of Substations (Indoor & Outdoor)
  4. Major equipments such as Circuit Breakers, MV Switchgears, HV Transformers, Gas insulated Switchgears, Surge Arresters, CCVTs & Protection Panels
  5. Battery and Battery Chargers, HVAC System, Fire Alarm Systems, Lightning Protection System, AC/DC Auxiliary Power System, etc.


Participants from all Alumni Societies of AOTS/HIDA (except India) are invited to participate in the Program.

This Program is subsidized by WNF. Therefore participants will have to meet only part of the total expenditure as well as Airfare to Kochi (Cochin) and back.

The number of participants is limited to 25. Out of these, WNF Subsidy is granted only for 12 participants. This will be allotted on first-come-first-served basis.

The rest of the participants will have to bear the total cost.

Full details of the Program, WNF subsidy, expenses etc. are given in the following documents attached.

  1. Program Outline WNF-ASAK – HVSE Program
  2. Application for WNF – ASAK– HVSE Program
  3. Estimate of Expenses per participant
  4. Acceptance of Conditions Form
  5. Notes for Participants

Kindly publicize this Program widely in your area and recommend eligible participants who are interested in this program.

Please arrange to send scan copies of the following documents for registration. The originals may be carried while coming for training.


​1. ​Application duly filled up with sending Alumni Society’s recommendation on page 2.

​2​. Pre-Training Report

​3​.  Acceptance of Conditions

​4​. Copy of relevant pages of the passport.


DEADLINE for receiving Applications – AUGUST 15, 2017

ASA Kerala

Nippon Kerala Centre
KINFRA Hi-Tech Park
HMT Colony P.O.
Kerala, India
+91 484 2110790, 75580 81097

¿Deseas aplicar a este programa?

Como aplicar:

  1. Revisa el programa que te interesa y revisa el Program Outline.
  2. Escribir a info@aotsmonterrey.com y solicita aplicar al programa.
  3. Llena el pre-registro
  4. Descarga los documentos de aplicación y llenarlos.
  5. Envia los documentos de aplicación en formato electrónico a info@aotsmonterrey.com para una primera revisión (Dos semanas antes de la fecha de cierre en Monterrey). Se hará una retroalimentación de la aplicación.
  6. Una vez revisados, se deben imprimir y firmar los documentos y entregar fisicamente para su envio a Japón (10 días antes de cierre en Japón)
  7. Hacer el pago de envio de la mensajería Monterrey-Japón.


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