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PPTP 2019

The Training Program on Program & Project Management (PPTP)

Directores, senior managers y líderes de proyectos. Managers y staff de organizaciones de promoción industrial o asociaciones de negocios que apoyan el project management.


7 al 20 de noviembre 2019

Fecha límite para aplicar

26 de agosto, 2019


Tokyo Kenshu Center (TKC, Tokyo)

[Course Objectives]

1.To acquire the fundamental methods and basic application skills of project management used to plan and manage a single project.

2.To learn the concept of program management at an advanced level which is gaining increasingly important roles.

3.To enable the participants to obtain deeper understanding of roles of program and project management.


Pr. Dr. Hiroshi Tanaka, Ph.D. (France), Dr.PM Hon. (Ukraine)

Academic Adviser, Past President of Project Management Association of Japan (PMAJ)
Global Professor of Strategy, Project and Program Management

He is a founder and past president (13 years) of Project Management Association of Japan (PMAJ). He has threephase experience with project management: industry executive, national association president and professor of graduate schools.

He spent 42 years as employee, manager and affiliate company board member with JGC Corporation, Japan’s top and the world’s top-five engineering, procurement, construction, program and project management (EPC+P2M) company, headquartered in Yokohama, Japan. He was chairman of Project Management Committee of the Engineering Advancement Association of Japan – Japan’s project industry research institute while with JGC and served as ambassador of Japanese project management toward the world from 1981 to 2009.

With PMAJ founded by him, he served as Acting President and soon President for 13 years until 2011. He was invited as non-resident Professor at French Graduate University SKEMA Business School in 2002 where he has taught Master courses on applied project management and served as doctoral supervisor, which academic capacity has since been expanded to graduate science and technology (S&T) or management schools in Ukraine, Senegal, Russia and Japan.

As such he can teach or train business professionals, students (from Ph.D. to undergraduates) and public administrators. As of May 2019 he maintains academic status in all of the mentioned countries and membership or fellowship with project management associations in Japan, USA, India, Ukraine, Russia and Kazakhstan.

Because of his previous status of Japan’s project management ambassador, chairman of Global Project Management Forum (2005 to 2007) and world-travelling professor, he has several global networks of project management leaders and academics.

He was travelling JICA expert to Ukraine from 2008 to 2012 and is Course Director of Program and Project Management for AOTS since 2009.

He is a recipient of five state awards (Japan, India, Ukraine, and Russia) and ten professional association awards (USA, Japan, India, Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan).

He holds Ph.D. in Strategy and Project and Program Management from Grands école ESC Lille in France.

He speaks Japanese, English (business language), Spanish, Indonesian, and French.

Como Aplicar

  1. Revisa el programa que te interesa descargando la documentación y leyendo el Program Outline.
  2. Escribir a y solicita aplicar al programa.
  3. Llena el pre-registro
  4. Llena los documentos de aplicación.
  5. Envia los documentos de aplicación en formato electrónico a para una primera revisión (Dos semanas antes de la fecha de cierre en Monterrey). Se hará una retroalimentación de la aplicación.
  6. Una vez aprobados, se deben imprimir y firmar los documentos y entregar fisicamente para su envio a Japón (1 semana antes de cierre en Japón)
  7. Hacer el pago de envio de la mensajería Monterrey-Japón.