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PQM 2019

The Program for Quality Management -PQM-

For effective implementation and promotion of TQM


4 al 17 de septiembre 2019

Fecha límite para aplicar

24 de junio, 2019


Tokyo Kenshu Center (TKC, Tokyo)

Course Features and Contents

By acquiring the following knowledge and abilities through this training course, participants can practice and promote TQM activities in their respective companies.

1) The framework for and historical background to TQM activities

2) Basic theory of quality and management

3) Knowledge and ways of promoting major elements in TQM activities including management by policy, daily management, QC circles, quality assurance and quality improvement

4) Key success factors of companies effectively applying TQM

5) Roles and responsibilities of managers in promoting TQM activities

Course Directors

Dr. Noriaki Kano

Professor Emeritus, Tokyo University of Science

Dr. Kano is a world authority on TQM field. His numerous research results, such as “The House of TQM” and “Attractive Quality and Must-Be Quality (Kano Model)”, and “The Task Achieving QC Story” have brought him an international reputation. He has published more than 300 research papers and books.


Mr. Yukihiro Ando

TQM Consultant, Lead Examiner, the Deming Prize Committee

Mr. Yukihiro Ando has been offering his expertise as a TQM consultant for many years to a large number of companies in both manufacturing and service sectors both at home and abroad, of which 25 companies have been awarded the Deming Application Prizes. He has published many books on TQM.

Como Aplicar

  1. Revisa el programa que te interesa descargando la documentación y leyendo el Program Outline.
  2. Escribir a y solicita aplicar al programa.
  3. Llena el pre-registro
  4. Llena los documentos de aplicación.
  5. Envia los documentos de aplicación en formato electrónico a para una primera revisión (Dos semanas antes de la fecha de cierre en Monterrey). Se hará una retroalimentación de la aplicación.
  6. Una vez aprobados, se deben imprimir y firmar los documentos y entregar fisicamente para su envio a Japón (1 semana antes de cierre en Japón)
  7. Hacer el pago de envio de la mensajería Monterrey-Japón.