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SHOP 2019

The Training Course on Solving Human and Organizational Problems -SHOP-

Teamwork and Leadership Skill Improvement


4 al 17 de diciembre 2019

Fecha límite para aplicar

1 de octubre, 2019


KAnsai Kenshu Center (KKC, Osaka)

Participation requirements

Participants should have the following qualifications.
(1) Participants should be, in principle, managers or supervisors of an organization
(2) Participants should be, in principle, between 25 and 50 years of age.
(3) Participants should be university graduates and/or have equivalent professional experience.
(4) Participants should have a sufficient working knowledge of English.
(A high level of English knowledge is necessary in this training program. The ability to discuss in English is given great importance in our screening process.)
(5) Participants should be healthy enough to undergo an intensive training program in Japan.
(6) Participants should be residing in the developing countries and/or regions
(7) Participants should not be students or armed forces personnel.
(8) Former participants of AOTS management training programs are not entitled to apply for any program which starts within six months after they returned home.

Course Features and Contents

Program of the course is designed to enable participants to play major roles in solving human-/organizational related problems, summoning enhanced level of teamwork highly prized in Japanese companies and of leadership abilities those are common in international corporate organizations.

This program aims to improve the following abilities of the participants, who are managers or supervisors of various sections in an organization.
1. To activate communication within a group over/across their section of the organization,
2. To lead people of the group, while understanding the roles of members for the expected results of their section as a team,
3. To perform their roles in attaining the team’s objectives,
4. To resolve conflicts among/across team members, and
5. To motivate/influence subordinates by introducing changes of their own behaviors

Course Directors

Mr. Yutaka Fukuyama

A Board Member, Director of HR Service Division & Principal Management Consultant, Central Japan Industries Association (Chu-San-Ren)

Mr. Fukuyama specializes in management planning, financial management, business improvement, system improvement, human resource management and marketing. As a Principal Management Consultant, he is in charge of consulting and training for large and middle sized companies in the area of middle/long term
business planning, policy management, management by objectives, human resource management and business improvement of manufacturing, sales and service industries. He is registered as a CMC (Certified Management Consultant) of ICMCI (The International Council of Management Consulting Institutes).

Como Aplicar

  1. Revisa el programa que te interesa descargando la documentación y leyendo el Program Outline.
  2. Escribir a y solicita aplicar al programa.
  3. Llena el pre-registro
  4. Llena los documentos de aplicación.
  5. Envia los documentos de aplicación en formato electrónico a para una primera revisión (Dos semanas antes de la fecha de cierre en Monterrey). Se hará una retroalimentación de la aplicación.
  6. Una vez aprobados, se deben imprimir y firmar los documentos y entregar fisicamente para su envio a Japón (1 semana antes de cierre en Japón)
  7. Hacer el pago de envio de la mensajería Monterrey-Japón.